CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)



Profits are a given and every business requires them in order to sustain but if a business has to degrade people and/or the planet to do so; then the business, as a whole, is not beneficial to life itself! We believe that assessing and understanding the full cost of doing business is the origin of how to make a substantial difference in improving people’s lives and the planet.


It’s the idea of deliberate inclusion of public interest (environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders, etc.) into corporate decision-making, which in turn produces a triple bottom-line: People, Planet and Profit. Accountability is inextricably interwoven into our bottom-line…if it is not beneficial for one, it’s not beneficial for all.




We cringe when the term "Human Capital" is thrown around because it encapsulates & highlights the very issue surrounding the labor economy. Since 2001, the GDP ratio between corporate earnings and labor wage has diverged for the first time in American history. Corporations are making more than ever while the workforce is being paid less and less…yet this gap is only growing bigger.

  • People should never be traded as commodities

  • People are what matter most in any company…the day that fact is lost is the day that company has lost its way in humanity & where work-life will cease to exit.

  • We believe “culture” is not just the new trend-of-the-day but rather the focal point of the proverbial “how” work is to be carried out. Work will always be done but it is done is the great delta between mediocrity and excellence.

  • Collaboration is our default ecosystem; it’s tremendously encouraged & rewarded. You can choose to work alone but you bare the full burden: good or bad. In a collaborative environment the entire team shares the burden.

  • A business should be run like a movie production: everyone has a significantly important role in order to achieve the goal (of making great film).

  • All our employees are compensated exceedingly better than most rival companies and offered a 25% baseline bonus for all benefit-eligible positions.




Carbon neutrality or climate neutrality is achieved by: reducing/eliminating carbon emissions altogether (e.g. a post-carbon economy), removing carbon through offsetting projects such as reforestation, or a combination of both.

Avoided deforestation projects are critical because about 11-14% of all global warming is attributed to deforestation, which reduces the Earth’s capacity to absorb carbon dioxide. Moreover, fallen trees decompose and release methane, a heat-trapping gas about 25 times more potent than CO2.

"Reduce what you can…offset what you can't" is a terrific motto & tagline of one of our environmental partners the Carbonfund.org Foundation that we live by.


Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is plant food, which is a good thing, and it also helps keep our planet warm. However, too much CO2 can lead to what we now call global warming. Carbon neutral fuels can help prevent too much CO2 from accumulating in the atmosphere. It accomplishes this when the released carbon is absorbed by plant crops that will help produce tomorrow’s next gallon of a carbon-neutral fuel.




The benefits of trees are palpably irrefutable! Not only do they absorb greenhouse gas emissions, but they improve air quality, create shade, recycle water, and provide food & homes for living beings across the planet. The simple act of planting trees helps the environment in countless ways and sustains our communities. One of the lifelong benefits of reforestation is that it’s truly a gift that keeps giving; trees naturally fix carbon as they grow by turning CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) into wood.

Through reforestation we're actively working to protect:

  • 45 million acres of forests

  • 53% of our drinking water

  • 20% of the world's wood

  • 2.7 million American jobs


We started the Plant a Forest™ Directive to help offset the approximate emissions associated with our entire operational footprint including our SOCs (Security Operations Centers) & service offerings (e.g. service delivery & all the products used as part of our security solutions) while simultaneously helping regrow & protect forests. This means that as our client base grows & as we adopt more or newer products our emissions are being recalculated at each change/event so that it is in continuous alignment with our directive's goals. All the restoration efforts are conducted by The Conservation Fund in protected areas that can never be developed or harvested for timber. Current projects are in the U.S., Canada & Panama where they are each monitored & verified by third-party auditors to ensure the hard work meets the carbon sequestration targets.




The buildings we have control over have been redesigned to incorporate the principles of the Passivhaus Standard – one of the most rigorous, international, energy-efficiency building standards to-date. It uses building science (e.g. physics of thermal energy transfer & storage) principles to produce a design process that integrates into the architectural design with the primary goal being energy-efficiency in a structure.


The Passivhaus Standard reduces the building's ecological footprint, thereby producing buildings that maintain: i) high comfort, ii) profitability, & iii) environmental protection; the only building standard that combines these three benefits without putting them into conflict. It also produces an ultra-low energy consumption reducing heating & cooling by nine times & lighting by four times compared to conventional building practices. Much like network security, the Passivhaus Standard considers the buildings as living organisms in which all interact & thoroughly explores and analyzes these relationships.




It has been scientifically proven that humans don’t require protein from animals. In fact, all of the largest & strongest animals on earth, prehistorically & currently, are herbivores. Some of the biggest medical studies ever conducted directly prove meat products (including diary) are more likely to cause cancer & other health ailments such as high cholesterol, heart disease & diabetes to name a few.

There are many reasons to go Vegan: for your health, for the planet, for animal welfare & for moral/ethical reasons…none of which have negative connotations or side effects.

Going Vegan for 1 month per person saves:

  • Water: 33,000 gallons

  • Grain: 1,200 pounds

  • Forest: 900 SQFT

  • CO2 Emissions: 600 lbs

  • Animal Lives: 30


More than 70% of the earth’s fresh water is used in agriculture of plants & animals: it takes 100 to 200 times more water to produce a pound of beef than it does to grow a pound of plant foods. Plus, the United Nations has reported that the livestock sector is most likely the largest source of water pollution. 80% of the pharmaceuticals produced are fed to livestock, which is then consumed by humans & is leading to the emergence of resistant bacteria.

Now more than ever before it’s easier & more convenient to adopt a Vegan lifestyle. Vegan options (or as we like to say #Vegan Ops) are becoming ubiquitous in every country imaginable as it is one of the largest movements in the last 40 years. The Beyond Meat IPO (NASDAQ: BYND) proved that it is not only a sustainable lifestyle it is also economically viable. The number of our staff that are Vegan is growing as the world trends in this direction & we’d encourage you to try it…you have nothing to lose except higher risks of cancer, cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, many other ailments & the side effects are terrific!


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